Step 1

The Designers – The Vision Behind the Brand

Our design team stays busy pulling style reports and drafting new patterns, so our latest collection is as modern and beautiful as it is functional. They’re always working a season ahead, testing every design to ensure they meet Just Black Denim’s quality standards. They’re responsible for the style and fit of our denim—If you like the way you look in our jeans, show them some love!

Step 2

The Craftsmen – The Expert Makers

Once a pattern has been perfected and given the green light from our design team, it’s printed and passed along to our craftsmen and craftswomen. Our cutting and sewing stations are only a few yards away from our designers’ drafting desks, so they can make changes to perfect the fit as necessary. Our cutting team begins the production process by hand-cutting every piece (pockets and belt loops included!) from a roll of raw denim fabric. The sewing team takes it from there, hand-tailoring the pieces to produce a pair of jeans with perfect fit.

Step 3

The Laundry – The Artists

Raw denim has a rigid, unforgiving texture and no natural variance. To give our jeans the style and comfort you love, we drive them down the road to laundry, where they’re washed, dyed and distressed. Laundry follows instructions from our design team to create styles that are unique to the Just Black Denim line. First, the denim is washed and dried so it shrinks to its intended size. (This is why your denim still fits after you throw it in the dryer at home!) Once it’s shrunk, they add dyes to the fabric to give you dark, medium, or light washed jeans. The final step is distressing the denim. They use a machine to create holes in the fabric and add any additional fraying details by hand.

Step 4

The Inspectors – The Final Say

When all of the denim details have been added at laundry, the jeans make their way back to our headquarters where a team inspects every pair by hand before filling orders and shipping them off to our retail partners! This final step ensures every pair of Just Black Denim jeans meets our quality standards.

If you own a pair of Just Black Denim jeans, you’re supporting the local Los Angeles community of modern makers. We’re proud of our process and we hope that you are too – Where your clothing comes from counts and by shopping made-in-America denim, you’re saying yes to high-quality, sustainable fashion!

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Dena Dao